Joe Cavaiani

I heard a call in every ounce of my being.  A call to empower and uplift human beings.  It was the call of my Soul.

When we align with our Divine Soul, our true nature, we attain alignment who we are, and a joyous freedom to embody the truth of who we really are.

The Creator, God, The Universe, whatever you prefer to call it, would not put you on this Earth without a unique set of gifts and talents designed to set you free.

In this Spiritual Awakening process, we feel just how powerful our light is, and how everyone can tap into this power.

Ever since hearing the call, I have been on a search for Truth, Freedom, and Truly Knowing My Self.  My passion is constantly seeking and growing through the Wisdom and Knowledge of Spiritual Expansion and Liberation.  I have a drive and a conviction for helping others attain a knowing of who they really are, and drastically improving their lives. “Your Dreams Are Your Mission.”

I have a passion for educating, teaching, and counseling others who are on a path to free themselves from their negative blocks, patterns and suffering.

I have helped individuals attain greater freedom, and move towards this power within themselves.

The Journey of Soul Discovery is a winding path and at times, our conditioning, who we think we are, is so deeply engrained. We have to strive forward, and be open to new insights of knowledge in order to perceive the truth of the world of ourselves.